Head shot

Hi, I’m Avery Elizabeth Hurt. I write about science—and other cool things—for children (sometimes for grown-ups, too, see below). As a full-time freelancer, I write regularly for a variety of children’s magazines, including National Geographic Kids, Muse, and Double Helix. Along with artist and computer phenom, Angie Thaxton, I maintain a science web site for kids called Reality Is Strange Enough. (If you visit, please pop over to the contact page and drop us a note. We really like to get notes.) I can be serious and silly as circumstances require. I am always very serious about getting the science right and about meeting deadlines and making my editors happy. I am often very silly about armadillos, navel lint, and jumping spiders. You can find me on Twitter, @averyhurt.

When writing for adults, I cover health-care economics and social policy and occasionally write on more general health topics. My work has appeared in many national publications including, Better Homes and Gardens, Parents, Newsweek, Mental Floss, The New Physician, Physicians Practice, Medical Office Manager, USA Today, WebMD, and others. I am the author of Bullet With Your Name On It: What You’ll Probably Die From And What You Can Do About It, published by Clerisy Press.

Please click on the Clips menu above to see samples of my work (both for kids and adults). And thanks for stopping by.