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Dinosaur Records, National Geographic Kids Books, 2017

Dino cover


Curious about which creatures ruled when dinosaurs roamed the Earth? Get ready to meet the record-setters, including the biggest, smallest, smartest, weirdest, deadliest, most notorious, and most mysterious of all time. You’ll find fantastic firsts, including the first dinosaur fossils found and the first dinos in space. And you’ll meet other remarkable creatures that lived before, after, and alongside them.
Did you know that the largest fish, the largest turtle, and the largest flying animal that ever existed lived during the time of the dinosaurs? Or that mammals – no bigger than a small dog when dinosaurs roamed – eventually evolved into massive land animals? See who wins in head-to-head species smackdowns and enjoy games that complement the records. Available June of 2017.



Cross-Cultural Etiquette, Rosen Young Adult, 2017

Cross-Cultural Etiquette coverWe’re all different from one another and come from a dizzying array of backgrounds and cultures. And while sometimes the rules and etiquette of a friend’s family makes sense, that’s not always the case. Readers will learn how to make others comfortable and make themselves comfortable with respect, an open mind, and kindness. This practical book offers options for navigating an array of tricky situations, such as when to take off your shoes, how to politely decline an offer of food, and what to wear to a formal event in a different culture.





Elephants, National Geographic Kids Books, 2016



Stomp around the African savanna, run around the forests of India, take a mud bath, and more as you learn all about elephants! Adult and child readers can learn together in this new Level 1 co-reader from National Geographic Kids, full of engaging photos and fun facts.







Weird But True 8, National Geographic Kids Books, 2016



Kids will have a blast exploring the latest book in the wildly popular Weird But True series, full of 300 all new extreme, ridiculous, amazing facts. Topics include science, space, weather, geography, food, pop culture, and just about everything else under the sun, presented with amazing photos and illustrations. This quirky little reference is so much fun, kids will forget they’re learning.





Ancient Chinese Government and Geography, Rosen Central, 2016

China, new cover

China is a massive country, but its surrounding mountains, two seas, and hazardous deserts kept it fairly secluded. In fact, early Chinese referred to it the Middle Kingdom, or the center of the world. China’s major geographical features shaped so many aspects of life in ancient China, including how the various civilizations developed, their social organization, and the food they grew and raised. This illuminating resource reveals how the different ancient Chinese dynasties worked with and made the most of their harsh conditions.







Bullet With Your Name On ItClerisy Press, 2007

Book - Bullet With Your Name On It by Avery E Hurt


Bullet With Your Name On It gives a disease-by-disease breakdown of your risks for most chronic diseases (cancer, heart disease, Alzheimer’s, osteoporosis, and others) and tells you what you can do to reduce those risks. In addition, it explains how risk is calculated and how medical research is done, so the next time you read about a study or hear reports of new research, you can evaluate the information yourself.

If you find the health news confusing and contradictory, Bullet is the book you need. In Bullet, I sort through tons of medical studies and no small amount of hype in the health literature so people who haven’t the time or the interest to sort through it themselves can still make good decisions about how to protect their health.


Bullet With Your Name On It is available online from and Barnes & Noble, and from many local booksellers. Check to find independent booksellers near you.